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Mission Monarch

Photo: Espace pour la vie (André Sarrazin)
Danaus plexippus


Mission Monarch Needs You!

The Montréal Insectarium is currently conducting a huge scientific research program to help save monarch butterflies in Canada. The goal of the “Mission Monarch” study is to inventory and describe habitats where these splendid butterflies reproduce, to see whether the number and distribution of milkweed plants has an impact on the significant decline in monarch butterfly populations in North America.

Grab your magnifying glass!

Researchers are already hard at work mapping the geographic distribution of monarchs and milkweed in Canada – milkweed plants are the only ones where monarchs lay their eggs. But given the vast territory to cover, and since these scientists can’t be everywhere at once, they’re calling on members of the public to help collect data.

It’s easy, free and fun

Nothing could be simpler. Just create an account on the Mission Monarch website and you’re ready to head out and start counting milkweed plants! Then check whether there are any eggs, caterpillars, pupae and butterflies. When you get back home, enter your data on the researchers’ website. And that’s all there is to it!

Are you game?

Visit the Mission Monarch site to find the answers to your questions and sign up, and follow #MissionMonarch on social media!

Have a great summer, and happy hunting!

Visit the Mission Monarch website.

We also invite you to sign the David Suzuki Foundation’s Monarch Manifesto.

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