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Families and genera of carnivorous plants

Nepenthes alata, of the Nepenthaceae family
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)
Nepenthes alata
Family Genus Number of species Type of trap
Dioncophyllaceae Triphyyphyllum 1 Passive flypaper
Sarraceniaceae Heliamphora 6*        Pitfall
  Darlingtonia 1 Pitfall
  Sarracenia 8** Pitfall, lobster trap
Nepenthaceae Nepenthes 60**    Pitfall
Cephalotaceae Cephalotus 1 Pitfall
Byblydiaceae Byblis 2          Passive flypaper
Droseraceae Drosophyllum 1 Passive flypaper
  Drosera about 90** Passive flypaper
  Dionaea 1 Snap trap
  Aldovanda 1 Snap trap
Lentibulariaceae Genlisia 16**    Lobster trap
  Pinguicula 48**    Active flypaper
  Utricularia about 250** Bladder trap
  Polypompholyx 2**      Bladder trap

* Mazrimas, J.A. "Recent Status of Heliamphora", Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, vol. 8, 1979, p. 82-85.
** Slack, A. Carnivorous Plants, Mass., MIT Press, 1979, 240 p.

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