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Do I have to buy my tickets before I visit?

Because of the COVID-19 situation, we are strongly recommending that you buy your timed tickets online.

Do you offer guided tours?

No, but you can put questions to the science educators at the various ecosystems and use the mobile app or an identification guide to learn more.

Is the Biodôme accessible to people with reduced mobility or with strollers?

Yes. Also, you can borrow wheelchairs and strollers free of charge. To find out more about the wheelchair loan service and guide dogs, go to our adapted services page.

To find out more:  Visitor services

How can I download the mobile app to visit the Biodôme?

The mobile app for visiting the Biodôme is downloadable for free from the App Store and Play Store. It is available for iOS and Android (minimum release required: Android 6 Marshmallow and iOS 11).

If you don’t have a compatible mobile device and want to visit the Biodôme using the mobile app, go to the Société des Amis du Biodôme (Friends of the Biodôme) counter, located in the Biodôme lobby, where you can borrow an iPod at no charge. You’ll need to leave a piece of photo ID (driver’s licence or medicare card) to borrow the device.

Is there a restaurant?

Yes, our gourmet counter offers a full vegetarian menu with hot and cold plate options.


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What is the Biosphère's programming?

The Biosphère offers a rich program. Altogether, the museum suggests around ten exhibitions and artistic installations that stimulate a dialogue between culture, social innovation and the environment. Its activities allow curious minds to better understand the major contemporary environmental issues and uncover solutions to face them.

The museum presents three new exhibitions since August 2021: Colours of the World, Ecolab and Species Without Borders. Colours of the World can be visited even when the museum is closed, as it is an outdoor photography exhibition.

As of 2022, Espace pour la vie will offer new exhibitions and activities at the Biosphère, as well as programs welcoming an engagement and cultural mediation actions that will mobilize citizens in favor of the ecological transition. Stay tuned and follow us online or on social media.

Are access fees for the Biosphère different from the other Montréal Space for Life museums?

The Biosphère's fee schedule is the same as that of Montréal Space for Life.

What are the food services at the Biosphère?

We are currently exploring the best solution to satisfy the public's cravings inside the walls of the museum.

When the weather is collaborating, the land surrounding the Biosphère is perfect for a picnic. Tables are set out on the lawns and in the woodland surrounding the museum. You will also find garbage bins to keep the park clean.

On Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame, the Ste-Hélène Bistro-Terrasse, the Bistro du circuit, the Roulotte and Bar-terrasse on Jean-Doré beach as well as the food offer at the Casino de Montréal can meet your needs.

To find out more about the restaurants and food services located near the Biosphère, visit the Parc Jean-Drapeau website.

How do we access the Biosphère?

By metro

The best way to get to the Biosphère is by metro! The entrance to the museum is a 3-minute walk from Jean-Drapeau Station (yellow line).

By bike

Take the bike paths passing through the Jacques-Cartier bridge (from the South Shore or downtown Montréal) or the Concorde bridge (from the Old Port of Montréal). BIXI stations are located on Île Sainte-Hélène.

By car

Via the Jacques-Cartier bridge :

From Montréal:

  • Take the La Ronde / Parc Jean-Drapeau exit.
  • Follow the directions to get to the Biosphère.

From Longueuil:

  • Take the La Ronde / Parc Jean-Drapeau exit.
  • Follow the directions to get to the Biosphère.

Via the Bonaventure Expressway (from downtown, via University Street):

  • Take exit 2, avenue Pierre-Dupuy / Port de Montréal.
  • Follow the directions for Parc Jean-Drapeau.
  • On the Concorde bridge, at the 1st stop sign, turn right (Chemin Macdonald).
  • Continue straight until the "Biosphère" sign, then turn left.

By river shuttle

During the summer season, look for the itineraries, schedule and prices on the Navark Cruises website.

For more details, see our access to the Biosphère page.

Can we enter the Biosphère building to enjoy the view without paying for the exhibitions' access?

As the entire site is a museum, you have to pay an entrance fee. A ticket gives you access to the exhibitions and one of the most beautiful views of Montréal.

Space for Life

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Are the Jardin botanique and the Insectarium in the same building?

No, they are about 10 to 15 minutes apart on foot or 5 minutes by car.

Is it easy to travel between the museums?

It's easy to travel between the Jardin botanique, Insectarium, Biodôme and Planétarium Rio tinto Alcan on foot or by car. The Insectarium is on the same site as the Jardin botanique, and the Biodôme and Planetarium are about a 10-minute walk away from the Insectarium.

You can easily get to the Biosphère by metro from the other museums. From the Pie-IX or Viau metro stations, on the green line, take the Angrignon direction towards the Berri-UQAM station. After a transfer on the yellow line, you exit at the Jean-Drapeau station, very close to the Biosphère Museum. The ride takes about 35 minutes.

What are the museums’ rates and opening hours?

You’ll find museum schedules here.

You’ll find museum rates here.

What is the best way to get a map of the museums?

A map will be given to you at the reception desk of all our institutions. If you’d like to look at a map or print one out now, please refer to the following pages.

How is family defined for family rates?

A family is composed of a maximum of five people (limit two adults per family). Please note that admission is free for children ages 0 to 4.


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What is the Insectarium's Metamorphosis project?

With its new configuration, the Montréal Insectarium will welcome the public to meet real, living insects in an immersive atmosphere.

The team has completely revised its approach to provide a new museum and educational experience. The goal? To change the way humans see insects in order for them to develop entomophilia, a love of insects. This transformation will take place thanks to a route where the visitor is led to put himself in the position of an insect and, little by little, have a greater appreciation for these astonishing living beings.

The architectural concept of the Metamorphosis project received an Award of Merit from Canadian Architect magazine in December 2018. It was the result of an international architectural competition won by the consortium of five architectural and engineering firms : Kuehn Malvezzi, Pelletier de Fontenay, Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes, Dupras Ledoux and NCK.

Does the Insectarium accept insect donations?

The Insectarium accepts donations of insects as long as they correspond to the criteria of the scientific collection. By way of example, Québec’s entomological heritage, insects from the north or biogeographical areas bordering Québec and Canada, complementarity with other existing entomological collections belonging to our partners.

I bought a Passeport MTL or Passion Montréal package. Can I lose any benefit?

During the closing of the Insectarium, it will still be possible to visit the Jardin botanique with these packages.

I bought a package including the Insectarium, before it closed. I didn’t use the Jardin botanique/Insectarium portion. Can I keep my ticket and use it once the Insectarium reopens or exchange it?

Packages including the Jardin botanique and the Insectarium are always valid for the Jardin botanique. Unfortunately, the Insectarium portion may not be used once it reopens.

What is happening with the privileges for members of the Friends of Montréal Insectarium while the museum is closed?

Except for the access to the Insectarium, all other benefits for the members of the Friends of the Montréal Insectarium are still valid, including:

  • Free admission to the Jardin botanique (including exhibition greenhouses)
  • 15% discount at the Jardin botanique and Biodôme gift shops
  • 15% discount at the Jardin botanique restaurants
  • 10% discount at W.H. Perron (The discount is obtained by giving the number assigned to each organization)
  • Discount at Discount Québec
  • 5% additional discount on the best price offered at Via Rail. This discount is also applicable to 3 other people traveling with the member.
  • Up to 15% discount at Choice Hotels
  • 15% discount on the Riôtel Group's regular rate
  • Invitations to exclusive members-only activities... and much more!

Jardin botanique

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Is it possible to buy a plant from the Jardin botanique?

Unfortunately, the Jardin botanique de Montréal does not sell its plants to the public as a rule. There are exceptions, such as the Great Gardening Weekend and special plant sales at the Garden’s boutique.

Occasionally, the Jardin botanique’s affiliated societies also organize plant sales. However, these special events are generally reserved for members.

Can I take a picnic to the Garden?

Unfortunately, the Montréal Botanical Garden’s official policy does not allow picnics on site, except in areas that are designated for meals (the picnic areas situated in front of the Lion statue and at the Frédéric Back Tree Pavilion). The restaurant’s patio offers outdoor tables, and you can eat a meal there brought from home.

Please note that alcoholic beverages, chairs, coolers and blankets are not authorized inside the Garden. Only alcoholic beverages purchased on site can be consumed at the Garden’s restaurant, on its patio.

You can also start with a visit to the Garden and then enjoy a peaceful picnic at Maisonneuve Park. Afterwards, you could always come back to the Garden to continue your visit. Just let the attendant at the gate know that you’ll be coming back and he or she will stamp your hand as proof you have already paid for admission when you return. If you need to leave the Garden and use a parking lot, use the Insectarium’s lot (the second traffic light east of Pie-IX, near Maisonneuve Park).

Can I use my tripod or other photography equipment at the Jardin botanique?

Tripods and monopods cannot be used in the exhibition greenhouses or the pavilions. However, a tripod can be used in the outdoor gardens*.

You must not block visitor traffic or interfere with employees’ work. You also may not set up your tripod in certain areas (these areas are marked as areas where walking is prohibited), in areas that are off limits to visitors or flower beds. For certain exhibitions, flash may be prohibited.

* Exception: For safety reasons, tripods are not permitted in the Chinese Garden during the “Gardens of Light” event when there are a lot of visitors. Tripods will only be tolerated when there are not many visitors on site.

Are there courses or workshops on horticulture and/or botany?

The Friends of the Botanical Garden organize courses and workshops for amateurs. Visit this page for more information about courses and workshops at the Garden (french only).

Professional-level courses towards a general DEP in horticulture followed by an ASP are given by the École des Métiers de l'Horticulture (french only).

Does the Jardin botanique accept plant donations?

Unfortunately, the Jardin botanique does not accept plant donations.

If your plants are too big for your apartment or you are moving and have to leave your plants behind, we suggest that you offer them to community centers, schools, daycares, churches or hospitals.

On the other hand, some horticultural and ecological clubs organize plant exchange days for their members. You can also place an ad on the bulletin board of a business in your area. You will likely find a taker!

Finally, there are networks on the Web that allow you to offer your surplus to other gardeners in your neighborhood.

Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan

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What does admission to the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan include?

Your ticket to the Planétarium allows you to attend one of our double show programs on the same day. It also gives you access to current exhibitions.

See the complete show schedule.

Are the Planetarium and its theatres wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, the entire building is wheelchair-accessible. Both theatres have designated areas for wheelchairs.

Does the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan have a free section?

Yes, it is possible to visit the exhibitions for free during regular opening hours. It includes various interactive kiosks, multimedia games and projections in addition of temporary exhibitions.

Are the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan's shows appropriate for children?

The shows are designed for people 7 years of age and older. The Montréal Space for Life does not recommend bringing younger children (0 to 6 years old) as the shows can be very upsetting for a young audience due to the sound level and special effects (“vertigo” effect, storm, etc.).

Please note that, out of respect for the other visitors, anyone who cannot remain quiet during the show will be asked to leave the theatre without refund. 

Espace pour la vie Passport

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What happens if I book tickets and can't show up? Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, by writing an email to the Customer Service Center at [email protected]. You must enter your passport number (under the bar code) as well as your reservation number.

Do we offer free access for someone accompanying a person with disabilities?

Yes, as with the purchase of a regular ticket, the accompanying person will have free access.

Can I get a refund for my passport?

No, the passport is non-refundable.

When registering for a multi subscription, is the member required to register all members?

No, only the main member registration is required. However, the main member will not be able to add the other members directly through his or her account. To add new members, you must send an email to [email protected] mentioning the passport number as well as the people you wish to add to the subscription (last name, first name and date of birth).

Can the member modify (add or remove) family members on their file?

No, once registered, members remain the same until renewal.