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The TOP 10 plants for monarchs

1 - Common milkweed
1 - Common milkweed
  • 1 - Common milkweed
  • 2 - Spotted Joe Pye weed
  • 3 - Canada goldenrod
  • 4 - Meadow blazing-star
  • 5 - Butterfly-bush
  • 6 - Red sunflower
  • 7 - Garden heliotope
  • 8 - Common yarrow
  • 9 - Lantana
  • 10 - New England aster

Milkweed is essential to your garden for helping increase monarch populations, since the butterfly can’t complete its life cycle without it. Add nectar-producing plants and you’ll have a true monarch oasis.

Our horticulturists’ suggestions:

1 Common milkweed Asclepias syriaca Native perennial /
Monarch host plant

If you garden in pots, choose tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) instead. Treat this species the way you would an annual, or grow it as an indoor winter plant, after cutting it back.

2 Spotted Joe Pye weed Eutrochium maculatum Native perennial
3 Canada goldenrod Solidago canadensis Native perennial
4 Meadow blazing-star Liatris ligulistylis Perennial, native in Saskatchewan
5 Butterfly-bush Buddleja sp. Tender perennial

Choose a cultivar resistant to cold; use as an annual, or protect the plant in winter.

6 Red sunflower Tithonia rotundifolia Annual
7 Garden heliotrope Heliotropium arborescens Tender perennial
8 Common yarrow Achillea borealis Native perennial

Commonly sold under the name Achillea millefolium

6 Lantana Lantana camara Tender perennial
10 New England aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Native perennial

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