Marie-Odile Noël

Marie-Odile Noël
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Marie-Odile Noël

In the summer of 2005, Marie-Odile Noël had the opportunity to work as a counsellor at the Biodôme day camp. It was love at first sight! Moved by the desire to learn more about nature and the links that bind all life forms together, she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s in environmental science. After working as a scientific animator at the Biodôme, as a Biodôme day camp coordinator and as a science communicator onboard the Sedna IV, Marie-Odile was concerned with showcasing Space for Life’s scientific research and expertise. The purpose of her work was to celebrate the various players who take care of living things, and to inspire citizens to protect, in their own way, biodiversity.

Marie-Odile Noël was a coordinator of science-oriented recreational activities at Space for Life.

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