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How do we increase the humidity around indoor plants?

  • Jardin botanique

Most indoor plants grow better when the humidity is higher than 40 percent, which is the case in summertime. It’s much more difficult to reach that level during the winter, when the heating system is on.

To increase the humidity, there are different things you can do. The simplest and most effective approach consists in installing a humidifier.

If you don’t have a humidifier, it’s possible to make the air moister by lowering the temperature a few degrees. And if that proves not to be enough, a good idea is to place the pot in a big gravel-filled saucer with a little water added to it. The base of the pot shouldn’t be bathing in the water, to prevent the soil from being constantly damp. This system works well enough for small-size plants.

You can also spray the foliage with warm water. However, the effect is short lasting. For this strategy to be effective, you have to be in a position to repeat it a few times a day. Plants with pubescent foliage must not be sprayed.

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