Marika D'Eschambeault

Marika D'Eschambeault
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Marika D'Eschambeault

A biologist by training, Marika finds happiness in sharing the sense of awe that comes with a better understanding of nature and current environmental issues. After eight years as a guide and educational-activities designer at the Montréal Insectarium, Marika made the leap to the Jardin botanique in 2012, where she coordinated the Biodiversity Centre exhibition. Curious by nature and with a thirst for adventure, she joined the Sedna IV crew in 2013 for a four-month mission in the role of scientific communicator onboard the ship. Since her return she has been responsible for the dissemination and appreciation of the research and collections of the five Space for Life institutions, as well as for the Researchers' Night event. At the same time she makes a point of planting seeds of hope by cultivating environmental values and a deep attachment to nature in her daughter.

Marika D’Eschambeault is scientific-leisure coordinator at Space for Life.

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