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When I moved here 21 years ago, it was just a big lawn. I wanted a vegetable garden because I have gardened my whole life, and I wanted the garden to be an oasis for birds and pollinators, so over the years I have reduced the lawn to a small area in the middle, and filled the rest with vegetables mainly native pollinating plants and dug a pond in the back, adding a pump and a "stream" a few years later. The yard was originally surrounded by very tall and outgrown thuya trees, and unfortunately they provided a great place for the neighbourhood cats to hide and pounce at birds. I eventually decided to get a dog, so had the hedges cut down, fences put in and replanted thuyas on two sides, which I am keeping thinner so they don't provide cover for cats. In a few years they should be about 6 ft high, which is as high as I can keep them trimmed properly. I used to have bird feeders, but even the "squirrel-proof" feeders are no match for Montreal squirrels so I had to take them down, as the squirrels were scaring away any birds, and eating most of the black sunflower seeds or niger seeds I put out. However, I get a lot of birds eating Saskatoon (amelachier) berries in the spring, and the seeds of flowers in fall, winter and early spring--juncos, chickadees, goldfinches, robins, cardinals to name a few. I've even had a Cooper's hawk on my picnic table, having a lunch of fresh pigeon! I love watching the birds all year round, get a kick out of seeing the skunks foraging in the lawn for grubs, although I have to be careful now with my dog! In late July, I kept having close encounters with young skunks--so cute, but don't surprise them! The baby racoons have left their nests, and are like juvenile delinquents, messing up my pond, knocking over watering cans and driving my dog crazy. In the evening, from late May into July, I'm seeing more and more fireflies in the evening and it's magical! I have also noticed more bats this summer swooping around the backyards at dusk. I love going out in the morning, inspecting the garden, picking vegetables, filling the birdbath, sitting by the pond, watching the bugs and the birds. My garden is a real oasis in the city and because I haven't been able to leave town for the past two years, it has become even more precious to me.

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