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Since 1980, we have had monarch butterflies arrive in our garden every summer. Each year, we wonder if they will return, and they always do.
We marvel at how they find their way all the way back to our exact backyard, and land among the same flowers and milkweed plants.
When we were children, we'd keep the caterpillars in a jar and keep them well-fed, and watch them make their chrysalis and then emerge as monarchs.
These days, we see the monarchs arrive and lay their eggs on the milkweed, but we don't often see the caterpillars, We are not sure where they hide, but after the allotted time, we always see monarchs floating around the garden before they depart on their journey.
We have planted more and more flowers in our garden. The milkweed has spread into new areas, so we just let them grow.

We hope to keep seeing monarchs for as long as we can, and each year, we hope they make it back to us.
We want to use your lessons and advice to keep building our Space For Life garden to allow monarchs to grow here for many years to come.

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