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I believe that to show my children the importance of taking care of our environment, the easiest way was to plant an "almost" completely sustainable, organic, and healthy vegetable garden that they can watch grow.
By planting from seed, using heirloom plants, zero fertilizers and pesticides, and using natural kitchen compost to enrich the soil, it was the most impactful message that I could give them.
Not only did we have healthy and fresh food well into late summer, I canned multiple pounds of food, dried herbs and vegetable powders, froze extra vegetables, used the scraps for compost and saved heirloom seeds for next season.
Along with our vegetable garden this year, we tried our best to be welcoming to bees by planting specific bee friendly flowering plants in our flower gardens. We are also moving towards a minimal waste life in our home by using multiple washable products instead of single use, bulk buying, upping our recycling efforts and eliminating plastic.
The garden was a perfect jumping point for our lifestyle change and to be the best role models for our future little gardeners.

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